British Aerospace 146 Family of Aircraft

The BAe 146 is a small regional jetliner family, offering quiet, efficient operations with a distance of up to 1500 Nautical miles. Powered by four ALF502R-3 engines mounted under the wings, the three available versions have a passenger capacity of 70 to 110. Moving to the front of the plane, we end up in a flight deck with hardly any digital instrumentation. We look at an almost Sixties-era cockpit, with all analog gauges and a GNS-XLS FMC.

Aircraft Model

British Aerospace BAe 146 Models

  • British Aerospace BAe 146-100
  • British Aerospace BAe 146-200
  • British Aerospace BAe 146-300


  • NAV lights and Strobes cast light splashes on the ground
  • Wheel Chocks
  • Engine Covers
  • Remove Before Flight tags
  • Ground Power Unit

Over 100 Realistic Animations, including but not limited to:
  • Shock Strut Compression controlled by XML (no tire sinking into the ground)
  • Realistic XML controlled Wingflex, reacting to turbulences
  • Realistic XML controlled Flap system
  • XML controlled detailed Airbrake and Liftdumpers (depending on Hydraulic Pressure)
  • XML controlled rudder (locks at low speeds to simulate Tiller control)
  • All primary and secondary Flight Controls including tab-controlled aileron and elevator
  • Working two-speed wipers
  • Super Smooth Gear animation
  • Realistic Nose Wheel Steering
  • Moving Pilots
  • Animated Airstair
  • Entry/Cargo Doors with CORRECT animation (controllable by the Qualitywings Controlpanel)
  • AOA Sensor


  • Choose from over 60 High Quality real-world liveries for free from the QualityWings painters
  • Multi-Stage super detailed night lighting
  • High resolution texturing


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