QualityWings FAQs

Is your 757 release Freeware or Payware?

The 757 package is indeed Payware.

How much does the 757 package cost?

$45 USD + local VAT if applied.

What is your Refund Policy?

As a downloadable software title developer, products ARE NOT returnable. If you are experiencing issues with your purchase, we will do everything necessary to get the product working for you.

What is QWPAS?

The QualityWings Automatic Pre-Recorded Announcement System will automatically play many common pre-recorded announcements which are triggered based on Flight Activity and specific user inputs.
You can even let it play the sound of airline-specific safety-videos, depending on the livery you've chosen!

Is there a manual that I can view to get a better idea about this package?


Where can I download liveries?


Will my purchase include all the latest service packs?


Does this package include a Virtual Cabin?

This product does NOT feature any virtual cabins or virtual bathrooms.

Is the Retrofit cockpit available with every model?

Yes. The Livery manager allows you to choose which cockpit you'd like to use for a given model.

What Simulator is this package designed for?

The 757 is designed for both, FS9 and FSX. FSX models are no port-overs from FS9 and take full advantage of FSX features like self-shadows and bump mapping.

Is this product compatible with DX10 preview mode in FSX?


Does the product include TCAS?

Yes. TCAS is included.

Is this product AES compliant? Yes Does the product have Navigraph Support?

Yes. For more information visit: www.navigraph.com

Does the product have 2D Interior Cockpit Sideviews?

Yes. FS9 only!

Does your product have support for third party hardware products such as "OpenCockpit FMC or "VRinsight M Panel"?

No plans for this at this time.

Can I purchase any parts (exterior, sounds, etc) of the package separately?

No. The Product is being sold as a complete package.

How Much Hard Drive Space is required?

Each version uses about 840 MB. This is without any additional liveries. Livery folders are approx 40MB each after installation.

How many activations am I allowed?

We allow up to 4 activations. If you're concerned about PC upgrades, minor hardware changes such as a Video card or memory upgrade will not trigger an issue, but a CPU change most likely will.

I'm terribly concerned I can't use the product in the event of a possible insolvency of QualityWings. What will happen?

- QualityWings is not in charge to run the activation servers and the order databases. You are purchasing from Esellerate, which means it's Esellerate that has all the data about your purchase, and runs the activation servers. Esellerate is a fairly large company and is part of the even larger Digital River group, which is one of the largest ecommerce providers in the world. It's far more solid as a company than any Flightsim shops out there.
The activation servers are run with high redundancy and reliability, the chance they'll ever go down is very slim. Note that, the software will only need online access the FIRST time is run OR when a major hardware change is detected, that requires an activation check, otherwise it will never "call home" in game, otherwise it wouldn't be possible to have an alternative offline activation, for those that don't have the Flight sim computer connected to the internet.

- There's the 90 days reclaim period. This is affects both the number of activations and the chance QualityWings will eventually close shop.

The 90 days reclaim works this way: if you already used up all your activations, if the last activation you've got is older than 90 days, the oldest activations will be "forgotten", allowing for a new one to be granted automatically. The only time you have to email QW support for a reactivation, is when you consumed all your activations and LESS than 90 days have passed since the last activation was granted.
With the chance QW will disappear, there's no limit how many activations in total you'll get, as long 90 days have passed from the last activation, you'll keep getting new activations from the servers, indefinitely.
The activation rotations every 90 days, means that you'll be able to reinstall the product after a total hardware change even years from now, without needing any support. Even if you long lost your purchase receipt, you can retrieve it yourself on the Esellerate website.

What do I do if my Activations limit or Reinstall limit is exceeded and I don't want to wait 90 days?

Should you encounter your Activation limit, please send an email to qwingssim AT gmail.com.
Please include the following:
Your Name
Your Order # (Not your SKU, Not your Serial Number. Your ORDER Number.)
The e-mail used to purchase the software.
Regarding the Reinstall/Redownload limit, we cannot reset the limit. Esellerate limits downloads. However, the most Up-to Date Full installer is available via the QualityWings site.

Can I activate QW products without an internet connection?

It's surely possible to activate without being connected to the internet, provided of course you have access to another PC that has web access.
- Install the product on the non-connected PC
- Select the "Register Serial" option and put your serial number there
- It will ask if you want to Activate, reply "Yes"
- If there's no internet connection, a dialog will ask you what to do, select "Offline"
- A Window will appear with 3 choices, select "Activate Using a Different Computer that has Web access"
- It will show a code called "Installation ID" related to this machine. Save this code and go to another PC which has web access
- Go to http://activate.esellerate.net and type the Installation ID into the field. It should reply back with another long code. Save this code and return to the non-internet connected PC.
- Launch FS and wait again for the manual activation screen to come up. Now select "I already have an Activation Key and would like to Activate Now". Type the code you obtained from the web from the other PC, and it should activate.

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