Ultimate 787 Full Installers

Ultimate 787 Flight1 Wrapper/Installer (V1.0.2) - FSX/FSXSE

Ultimate 787 Hotfixes/Service Packs

For detailed update instructions please check out this topic

Ultimate 787 HotFix #2 - FSX
Ultimate 787 HotFix #2 - FSX-SE

Ultimate 146 Installers

For detailed update instructions please check out:

Ultimate 146 Full Installer (V1.4) – FS9 (SP4)
Ultimate 146 Full Installer (V1.4) – FSX/P3D (SP4)

Ultimate 757 Installers

Ultimate 757 Full Installer (V1.3) - FS9/FSX/FSXSE/P3DV3 (SP3)
Ultimate 757 Livery Manager (V2.0.0)

Add-On Manager

The Ultimate 757 relies on an Add-On Manager developed by FSDreamteam, a FlightSim scenery developer). This Add-On Manager installs automatically, but on occasion a Standalone Addon Manager needs to be downloaded. The latest can be found