QualityWings Customer Service & Support

Please carefully read through this page so that you can receive the proper support.

Important QualityWings Support Policies: All product technical support is handled via a web forum system. There is no telephone based support.

Ultimate 757 Tech Support Forum

Support for the 757 is via the forum below:

Ultimate 757 E-Commerce Problems

For problems with your order, website questions related to purchasing the 757, or other issues related to your orders, please contact us via this form. Inquiries via this form not related to e-commerce issues with the 757 will be ignored

Ultimate 757 Product Status

Current Status: Released

Development Status: No Further Development

Release Information:

  • Inital Release - December 6, 2009
  • Service Pack 1 - April 5, 2010
  • Service Pack 2 - November 5, 2010
  • Service Pack 3 - February 17, 2014
  • Ultimate 757 Order Information Retrieval

    QualityWingsSim.com customers Only: If you have lost your Order information, you can retrieve it here.

    You will need the following information:

  • E-mail used to place the order
  • Order Number
  • If you did not purchase the 757 directly via out webstore here at qualitywingssim.com, you will need to contact your point of purchase. The downloadable version of the 757 is resold by the following vendors:

  • FlightSimStore (Inactive partner)
  • FSPilotshop (Inactive partner)
  • JustFlight(Inactive partner)
  • SimMarket(Inactive partner)
  • Avsim (Inactive partner)
  • PCAviator (Inactive partner)

  • Ultimate 757 Installation Help

    A thorough explanation of the installation process for the Ultimate 757 can be found here.

    Ultimate 757 Reinstallation Help

    Installer Download

    QualityWings Webstore customers who are looking to redownload the installer may reach a "redownload" limit. Please understand that this is NOT the same as an Activation Limit. QualityWings will not reset the Redownload Limit. The latest installer can however be found on our website in the Service Packs section. More information about Redownloading can be found here.

    Ultimate 757 Activations Limit Reached

    Your QualityWings product has a special Activation process that must be done each time you reinstall the product. The activation process will fail if you exceed the allotted amount of Activations during a given timeframe. When this happens you will see the following message:
    eSellerate ERROR - 25005 Activation Limit Exceeded

    If you receive this message then it means that the Serial Number entered has reached the Activation Limit. Please contact us to Request New Activations.

    Ultimate 757 User Controlled Deactivations

    With this option, you'll be able to remove an existing activation for a computer, without having to contact us. Very useful in case you are planning to upgrade your system with major hardware components, reinstall Windows from scratch, or buy an entirely new PC.

    If you use this option before starting the hardware upgrade, the OS reinstall or giving away/selling your old PC, the existing activation for any product handled by the Addon Manager will be removed from your system AND from the Esellerate Activation servers too. Which means, your counter of remaining activations will be increased by one.

    The big advantage of this feature is, even if you already used all your 4 activations and need a new activation, there will be no need to email us anymore, just remember to Deactivate your existing system before upgrading.

    How to use it

    Through the Addon Manager, select any QualityWings product which is currently Activated on your system, and choose "Deactivate" from the Addon Manager menu for that product, with an Internet connection alive.

    After a brief wait, you'll get a message stating that Deactivation completed successfully. Your existing Serial Number will be automatically saved in a .REG file in your Home folder (the folder with your Windows user name), the Serial Number will be cleaned from the registry, and the product will go back in PREACTIVATED MODE, as if was never activated on this system and your remaining activations counter on the server has now increased by one.
    Please note that the QualityWings 757 DOES NOT have a Trial mode, so attempting to run in a Preactivated state may result in Crash to Desktop upon selecting QualityWings aircraft!!


    Please note, you have to do this on the computer you want to update/reformat/sell/dispose BEFORE doing any of those operations. You can't Deactivate a system remotely using another one, or Deactivate it after you have started or completed your upgrade.

    There are no limits how many times you can perform a deactivation.

    This is for the Add-On Manager that is required for the product to run. This is NOT for the Livery Manager!

    Ultimate 757 Common Problems

    Crash to Desktop

    Almost all CTD events related to the Ultimate 757 are because of Activation Issues. Detailed information and troubleshooting of CTDs associated with the 757 can be found here.

    Where are the Liveries and how do I install them?

    Customers who purchased the Downloadable version of the product can find Official QW liveries here.

    Boxed product customers can find the liveries on the DVD. The liveries have a file extension of .QWL.
    Regardless of whether you have the download or boxed version, livery install is via the Livery/Load Manager application which installs during product installation. This program is designed to only read .QWL files and will automatically install liveries. More information about the Livery Manager can be found in the User's Manual wqhich you can find in your Start Menu Program group 'QualityWings'.

    Special note for Boxed Customers: It may be necessary to copy the liveries from your DVD onto your PC Hard Drive in order for the Livery/Load Manager to read the files correctly.

    Ultimate 757 in Prepar3D

    We've been asked by many our customers whether or not the 757 would be supported in P3D. Due to some incompatibilities with P3D, we are unable to fully endorse this upcoming Service Pack as P3D compatible. The SP3 Full installer will however allow those with a license for the Ultimate 757 Collection to install the product in FS9 and FSX as well as P3D Versions 1 and 2. This will allow for those interested in trying the product in P3D to do so without an migration tools. This install is however at your discretion as again we will not provide support for P3D. Further information on the 757 in P3D can be found here.