QualityWings Customer Service & Support

Please carefully read through this page so that you can receive the proper support.

Important QualityWings Support Policies: All product technical support is handled via a web forum system. There is no telephone based support. There are slight differences in how ecommerce issues are dealt with between Ultimate 757 and Ultimate 146 products. Forum support for both products is via our web forum (see link below) but ecommerce issues such as problems with your order, website questions, or other issues related to your orders are handled differently.

  • For the Ultimate 757, please contact us via this form for ecommerce issues ONLY.
  • For the Ultimate 146, please see the Flight1 Support Policy.

  • QualityWings staff members do not have assigned hours of operation, but we periodically monitor these forums several times daily , excluding holidays. Our staff is not required to work weekends so any forum post or support ticket may not be answered during weekend or holiday hours. We ask that you remain patient when waiting for a response as we have members patrolling the forums as varying times due due to our locations around the globe. When posting to the forum(s), please make sure you direct your post to the correct forum. Misdirected posts may not get a staff reply.

    Support for Ultimate Collection Products

    Support for all of our products is via the forum below:
    Important note: Please do not private message a QualityWings or Flight1 staff member via the forum if you have a customer service issue - make sure you post your issue.

    Ultimate 757 Specific Support

    Support Information specific to the Ultimate 757 can be found here.

    Ultimate 146 Specific Support

    Support Information specific to the Ultimate 146 can be found here.

    Ultimate 787 Specific Support

    Support Information specific to the Ultimate 787 can be found here.